Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ratigan Rats Out

It appears that Dylan Ratigan of CNBC is ratting out on the network. Is he the first to go? Maria Bartiromo? Jim Cramer? Susie Gharib and others skipped out almost a decade ago to, horror of horrors, Fox News, or was it MNSBC with Lou Dobbs. Rats leaving a sinking ship? Wither Jim Cramer, viciously attacked for his support of the status quo - touting people into krap all the while. At one point I was addicted to CNBC. Were you addicted, too? It will be most interesting to see where the peripatetic, manic Cramer lands. In outer space? In an insane asylum? I doubt it! Despite all the attacks, I like Cramer and you do, too, or did, because he at least appeared to be outside the box - a very fancy trick for a Wall Street insider. I suppose I should rant against CNBC, but frankly I think there a lot more despicable characters out there.

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